Pasture-Raised Pork

Pigs on pasture are happy and healthy pigs! Our pork has incredible flavor and customers rave about the quality of the meat!  We raise heritage pigs (rare breeds of Tamworth and Berkshire) known for their ability to thrive outdoors and produce high quality meat. Our pigs are eager to browse through the grass, shrubs, and soil for worms, roots and grubs. They receive a diverse diet from their pasture and woodland as well as the "ugly" vegetables from our vegetable fields. We augment their pasture diet as needed with NON-GMO grain.

Purchasing options

  1. Whole ($5.85/lb hanging weight) or Half Pig ($6.25/lb hanging weight) Smoking fees additional
    This option provides you the most meat for your money. The hanging weight ranges from 200 to 280 lbs. You will get back approximately 65% of the hanging weight in meat cuts. You reserve your whole or half pig with a $100 deposit and we fill reservations in the order we receive them. Whole and half pigs are available November and December each year and occasionally at other times. We contact you when your order is ready and you pick up your order at our farmstand and pay the balance at that time. Smoked and cured meat (such as ham and bacon) typically takes an additional 4 to 6 weeks to process and costs about $100 per whole pig depending on the cuts you opt to have smoked. Select how you want your meat cut on this cut sheet and mail or email your cut sheet to us when you place your order. We are currently taking orders to be filled November and December 2019. Contact us with questions, we're happy to talk pork! Order Now >

  2. Individual cuts. We offer a full range of pork cuts year round at our Farmstands in Jericho and Richmond. View Retail Price List >

  3. Settlers Meat Medley
    A monthly distribution of 100% grassfed beef & lamb, and pasture-raised pork & chicken. More >

If you prefer to pay offline, please print and mail this order form.

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