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Be a part of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

1)      The JSF Community

From weekly donations to the Vermont Food Bank and local food shelves to Farm to School support and educational opportunities, our farm is committed to our community!  We love growing for our neighbors, friends, CSA members, local restaurants and stores.  Check out the open farm events, workshops, dinners and offerings we have for you this season.  As a CSA member you receive first options and discounts to these many exciting events!

2) The JSF Infrastructure

We are committed to growing and supplying you with good food year-round, and that means investing in the infrastructure necessary to make this possible!  From deep winter storage coolers to minimal-heat hoophouses for winter and spring growing, we have strategically planned to be able to grow and store food for every month of the year.  And it’s not just vegetables – our meat and egg production rounds out our year-round food supply and integrates in the rotations of our crop and pasture land.

3)   The JSF Commitment to Alternative Energy

Year-round growing can mean more energy use, so early-on we committed to using renewable energy sources to fuel our farm.  In addition to the obvious use of the sun to grow vegetable plants and grass (to feed our livestock), our farm also has solar trackers to supply all the electrical needs of the farm.  For heating needs we utilize passive solar-heated hoophouses to grow winter greens, and a biomass furnace that burns wood pellets or dry corn to supply most of the heat for our few heated hoophouses.  Plus we are embarking on a new project to recapture waste heat from our cooler compressors to cure and store sweet potatoes, onions, and winter squash.

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4)   The JSF Production Diversity

At JSF we know first-hand that healthy soil grows healthy food, which is why we manage our soils with long term rotations between cover crops and grazing and vegetable production.  This fine balance of rotational land use builds soil organic matter, reduces insect pests and diseases on vegetable plants, maximizes use of “waste” animal manures, and improves livestock health.  

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5)      The JSF Market Diversity

We grow food for wholesale accounts, our farmstand, our CSA, and farmers’ markets. Because we provide products for all of these avenues our CSA members are GUARANTEED to get at least 10% savings on their CSA share, and most growing seasons members save 20-30% off retail prices. This means that even if we have a poor growing season our CSA members still get the full value of their shares and then some!

6)      The JSF Commitment to Our Animals

All our animals are raised on pasture during the growing season, in their natural social groups, and they consume zero GMO products.  As a CSA member you have access to the best prices on our pork, chicken, and lamb, plus access to 100% grassfed beef and Wild Alaskan salmon that we bring in from partner producers.

7)      The JSF Crew

We are a hardworking team that loves what we do, every day, rain or shine, heat or cold.  We believe a thriving local food system is essential to our community and we’re committed to working hard to make it happen. 

8)      The JSF Summer Events Lineup

A great benefit of being a CSA member with a farm who also partners with local restaurants is the parties! We have a lot planned for Summer 2016, including several Dinner at The Farm events with talented guest chefs, on-farm cooking classes with Chef Courtney Contos, and farm workshops and tours.  Our CSA members get first access and discounts to most events!

9) The JSF Newsletter Recipes

Every week we send you a newsletter chock-full of recipe ideas, farm news, and upcoming events.  This summer learn how farmers like to eat, with the simple, quick recipes all of us here at JSF use to sustain ourselves.  With these creative, not to mention delicious, ways to eat you’ll get to know our crew through our table.

 10)      The JSF Research and Development

We are both innovative and introspective in our farming techniques, as reflected in our highly focused data collection systems and research partnerships with area universities.  From insect pest management trials in tomatoes, to new heating and cooling systems for energy efficiency, we constantly strive to learn how to farm better. We spread our knowledge too through workshops to both farmers and local residents on various aspect of four season food production. 


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