Starting this weekend we'll have fresh, delicious chicken available! We raise our chickens in the open pastures where they thrive on fresh air, grass, insects, NON-GMO grain, soil and sunshine. The end result is lean, healthy, and delicious chicken. 

How to buy:

Fresh chickens are available for individual purchase at our Farmstand Friday afternoon-Monday afternoon and at our booth at the Burlington Farmers' Market. You can also buy a share of 6 chickens and pick them up as you want them.

If you already purchased a share:

You can start picking up your chickens anytime starting this Friday afternoon at our farmstand or at the Burlington Farmers Market on Saturday. You can pick them up all at once, one at time over several weeks, or anything in between.  We'll have a list of chicken share members and will record how many you pick up to help you track your shares. It's that easy!

Get A Share:

Chicken Share
from 105.00

Per Season: Small $105 Large $200 

Year Round:  Small $315   Large $600

Each month receive 1 (small share) or 2 (large share) whole broiler chickens with giblets delivered to your desired pickup location.  Monthly pickups coincide with meat medley share pickup dates and locations.  Small shares receive 4 chickens total per season (12 for year-round shares), large shares receive 8 chickens total per season (24 for year-round shares). Average weight  of chickens is 4.5 pounds. Order multiple shares if you want more than 2 chickens per month.  If you prefer to pay offline please print and mail this order form.  

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