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100% Grassfed Beef

We raise 100% grassfed and finished Rotokawa Red Devon beef on 150 acres of grazing lands in Jericho and Richmond in partnership with our friend Chuck Lacy.  We manage the herd with rotational grazing, which means the cows are moved onto fresh pasture daily to ensure they are always eating the optimal forage for their nutritional needs. The mother cows calve on pasture in June and graze alongside their calves into the following winter.  We wean the calves (now almost yearlings) from their mothers in March and move them together as a herd onto finishing pastures, which have a high quality forage mix of grasses, clovers, alfalfa and other tasty plants on which these ruminants thrive!   We are excited to offer you this tasty and healthy meat! 

Our cattle are Rotokawa Red Devon crossed with Angus.  The Rotokawa Red Devon are prized for their meat quality (tender and tasty) and ability to thrive on a grass-only diet.  Find more information about this great breed here.

Purchasing Options

1. 20 lb. Grassfed Beef Burger Box ($130)
A 20 lb. package of premium 100% grassfed and finished ground beef. Packaged in 1 lb. portions for easy storage.  This size share takes up the space of one milk crate and easily fits in a standard fridge freezer. Available year round.  If you prefer to pay offline, please print and mail this order form.
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2. 20 lb. Grassfed Beef Share ($185)  Not available in 2015

3. Whole Beef or Half Beef    Not available in 2015

4. Individual cuts purchase   
We offer a full range of beef cuts at our Farmstand and at the Burlington Farmers' Market.   
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 5. Settlers Meat Medley  
A monthly CSA distribution of our 100% grassfed beef & lamb, and pasture-raised pork & chicken.  Our cattle and lambs never eat grain, and our pigs and chickens eat only Non-GMO grain.
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