Settlervore Share

Spring: $245   Summer: $360  Winter: $245

We've teamed up with some great Vermont farms and local food producers to offer you bread, cheese, fruit, and more! Our Settlervore Share pickups follow our Vegetable CSA pickup schedule: pickups every other week in the spring and winter and weekly in the summer

Every Spring and Winter Settlervore share pickup includes 1 dozen Settlers Solar eggs, 1 cheese from Doe's Leap Farm, Boucher Family Farm, or Sweet Rowen Farmstead and 1 loaf fresh bread from O’Bread Bakery, Running Stone Bread or August First Bakery. An additional item is included at every pickup in the spring and winter seasons and at every other pickup during the summer season. You'll receive farm-made salsa and pickles, as well as fresh fruit in summer and frozen berries during the winter/spring. Please note that for the summer season, eggs are included every other week (not every week). Bread and cheese are still provided weekly during the summer season. 

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