Pasture-raised chicken

Pasture Raised Chicken

If you've tasted one of our chickens you know why they are so popular. If not, you are in for a real treat! Our chickens thrive on pasture with fresh air, grass, insects, NON-GMO grain, soil and sunshine. We raise our chickens outside on pasture and "resting" vegetable fields where they can graze on grass and other plants, enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, and forage for tasty insects.  In return they help fertilize our pastures and vegetable fields keeping the land healthy and productive.  These chickens are healthy, fresh, and the best tasting chicken you can buy. 

Purchasing Options:

Chicken Share
from 100.00

Per Season: Small $100 Large $195 

Year Round:  Small $300   Large $585 

Each month receive 1 (small share) or 2 (large share) whole broiler chickens with giblets delivered to your desired pickup location.  Monthly pickups coincide with meat medley share pickup dates and locations.  Small shares receive 4 chickens total per season (12 for year-round shares), large shares receive 8 chickens total per season (24 for year-round shares). Average weight  of chickens is 4.5 pounds. Order multiple shares if you want more than 2 chickens per month.  If you prefer to pay offline please print and mail this order form.  

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Settlers Meat Medley
from 200.00

A monthly distribution of our premium meats all raised on our farm: 100% grassfed beef & lamb, and pasture-raised pork & chicken. Small and Large shares are available.

Share Size:
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Individual Purchase

Purchase whole broiler chickens at our farmstand year round. Available fresh late June through early August and frozen all other times.  Price $5.95/lb. Average size 4.5 lbs.