About Us

Our Farm Philosophy

We grow food for you because we believe a thriving local food system is essential to a sustainable community, both our human-community and the other animals, plants, and the land that share this space with us. We strive for real work in which we find joy, wonder and accomplishment each day, as well as the continuous opportunity to learn and meet challenges. Our aim is to provide real nourishment for you and your family.

our farm

Jericho Settlers Farm is a 200 acre farm producing 25 acres of certified organic vegetables, flowers and herbs for our Year Round CSA programs, farmstands and wholesale customers.  We rotationally graze, hay and cover crop approximately 175 acres of land for our sheep flock, pigs and poultry.  In addition, we manage over an acre of crops in our hoophouses and greenhouses year round.  We specialize in year round vegetable production, specializing in salad greens and root vegetables.

Our Family

We are Mark, Christa, Asa, and Hazel. Christa grew up on the farm in Jericho, her parents still live there and the next generation plays and occasionally works on the farm.  Mark is a transplant from Washington State where he lived and worked on a small diversified dairy farm.  We made Jericho our home in 1999, started the farm in 2002 and the kids in 2005 (Asa) and 2009 (Hazel). 

Jericho Settlers' Farm was founded in 2002. The farm name was chosen because we live on two of the earliest settled farmsteads in Jericho, Vermont;  the Chapin Homestead settled in 1783 and the Brown Family Homestead circa 1800. We continue the tradition of raising healthy food on a diversified family farm.

More Than Growing Food, We’re Growing Community

At JSF we celebrate food every day and work with our community to do the same. From Farm to School programs, community workshops, Senior CSA shares, and Vermont Farm Share fundraising, to Vermont Food Bank and local food shelf weekly donations and gleaning programs, we are committed to sharing our knowledge, our space, and good food year round.

Meet Our Crew

What We Do:

Certified Organic Vegetables

We grow over 75 types of organic vegetables and herbs including lettuce, spinach, basil, parsley, cilantro, kale, arugula, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, onions, beets, squash, tomatoes, beans, broccoli, eggplant & many more.  We also grow certified organic vegetable and herb starts in our greenhouse each spring. Our vegetables and plants are available through our CSA programs, our year round farmstand, and in many area schools, restaurants and stores.  More > 

Local Grass Raised Meats

We are proud to raise 100% grassfed and grass finished lamb and pasture-raised pork. And while we no longer raise beef and chicken ourselves, we’ve partnered with some great farms to continue offering these pasture-raised eats. Our meats are of the highest quality and our customers constantly rave about excellent flavor.  The animals live healthy lives on pasture where they can express their natural behaviors and benefit from their family and herd relationships.  Our sheep eat only grass (and hay) and our pig eat plants and insects from their pasture, organic veggie leftovers from our fields, and Non-GMO grainMore >

Settlers Solar Eggs

Our large flock of laying hens produce some of the most delicious eggs around. Why are they called "Solar Eggs"?  The farm's electricity is supplied by six solar trackers. Plus, these hens live outside in the sun!  No dark buildings or cramped cages for these ladies - they thrive on pasture in the summer and in a large hoophouse in the winter. In addition to the plants and insects they forage for while on pasture they also eat Non-GMO grain. More >