Settlers Meat Medley

A monthly distribution of 100% grassfed beef & lamb and pasture raised pork and chicken.  More >

Pasture Raised Chicken

If you've tasted one of our chickens you know why they are so popular. If not, you are in for a real treat! Available year round. Reserve your share today. More >

Pasture Raised Pork

Pigs on pasture are happy and healthy pigs! Our pork has incredible flavor and customers rave about the quality of the meat. Try it and see for yourself. More >

Solar Eggs

Our large flock of chickens produces some of the most delicious eggs around. Why do we call them "solar eggs"?  More >  


Wild Alaskan Salmon Share

Available to Vegetable and Meat Medley CSA members only.  This wild Alaskan salmon is the best on the market and straight from the fisherman. More >

100% Grassfed Lamb

Our lamb is 100% grassfed - no grain, just well managed pasture. We sell out each season, so be sure to place your order early!  More >





Save when you buy in bulk. We have ordering options for whole and half pigs and whole lambs. More >  

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