Annual Plant Sale

Saturday 5/31 & Sunday 6/1
10am-5pm, Jericho Settlers Farm

We'll be selling certified organic vegetable, herb, and flower plants that you can plant in your own garden! Join our Plant CSA by Sunday 5/12 and you can reserve the varieties you want, get first pick options at our plant sale, and save 10% on your plant purchases.

Growing plants is our business and we are known for our healthy, vigorous plants.  We take care to seed them in a timely manner that makes sense for Vermont’s seasons.  No root-bound or underfed plants, our seedlings are raring to go when you put them in the soil! Check out the plant varieties here.



NEW Kids Garden!

At the plant sale on Saturday, May 17th, we will have a station set up so that your kids can plant their very own climbing, blooming or fruiting plants in our new Kid’s Garden! They can watch their plants grow throughout the whole season when you visit our farmstand or you-pick garden. We'll provide farm fresh snacks, all materials, and a helping hand!