Meet Sunni Dutcher! Sunni has been working at Jericho Settlers Farm for two summers, and we are lucky she returned to the farm this season. Way before she began farming with us she was a babysitter for JSF farm kids, Hazel and Asa. Sunni knows the ins and outs of many tasks around the farm. She's done some seeding in our greenhouse, a little tomato grafting, lots of wash-pack roles; she's an expert at packing tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini, cleaning up storage cabbage, trellising tomato plants... the list goes on. Transplanting is by far her favorite farm task. Her favorite JSF vegetable to eat? Rainbow Chard.


When Sunni isn't farming, she's busy with her college courses, spending time painting amazing murals for local establishments, crackin' jokes, exploring other artistic endeavors and tending to her adorable cats that she loves a lot.


Recently Sunni finished up a 9-month course at the Roots School in Bradford, a program teaching primitive skills through naturalist studies. Her favorite Roots courses were any having to do with fiber or fabric-making, especially basket weaving.

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If you've visited the Burlington Beer Company brewery in Williston then you've seen some of Sunni's art. Her murals cover roughly 70% of the brewery walls. Sunni just finished her most recent mural for the brewery, totaling 550-square-feet and 27 hours of work! The mural features a very specific pallet of colors to portray a bee being released from a pair of hands into a world of spooky eyeball trees.

A section of Sunni’s mural at Burlington Beer Company.

A section of Sunni’s mural at Burlington Beer Company.

Sunni hasn't always been working at such grand scales in her artwork, though. Being the detail-oriented person that she is, many of her first pieces were done on surfaces no bigger than her own hand, using micro pens of the smallest diameter. Sunni is also a year-round knitter! Meaning she doesn't take off during the hotter months, like some of us knitters do. And she's really good at it too -- she's made shawls, mittens, scarves, shirts and sweaters! Sunni's taught a couple knitting courses at the Roots School and around the Burlington area. Thanks, Sunni for finding time to help us out at the farm in between all your other hobbies!