We have a small team of 7 crew members (including Christa and Mark) working at Jericho Settlers Farm year-round, one of which is me, Taylor Firestein, CSA Coordinator since the winter of 2017. I joined the crew back in early spring of the same year as a first-time farmer, and now I’m hooked!

You’ll find me holding down the fort during CSA pick ups, delivering CSA shares and veggies and eggs around town from time to time, and doing many different day-to-day chores around the farm. I also manage our marketing and design work, but despite the hours of screen-time I clock in on a given week, I’ve learned many different hands-on farming skills that have become my favorite parts of working at JSF.

Hailing from central Maryland, I moved to Vermont in 2015 after graduating from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. I spent the summer after graduation in central Maine managing the kitchen gardens for a family camp, which is what made me fall in love with New England (that and multiple trips to beautiful Vermont during my college years).

While at MICA, I earned my BFA in Fiber Arts and Photography. I spent a lot of time interning and assisting photographers and artists in Washington DC and Baltimore throughout my college years. But most of my time during college was spent in front of hundred year old floor looms, just weavin’ away!


These days when not farming at Jericho Settlers, I can be found biking around good ol’ Vermont, still weaving in front of a very large (and very difficult to lift) 100 year old loom, cooking (so much cooking!), snowboarding in the winter, checking out comedy and music in the greater Burlington area, traveling around New England, hiking, knitting, attempting to learn rock-climbing, and many other Vermont-y things. I also work behind the scenes on Nightshade Kitchen, a monthly community event that brings together food and music in the form of festival and intimate performance (that often features many JSF veggies!).

My artistic abilities are put to use often here at the farm. Seen a poster around town? I designed that! Catch a post on Instagram or Facebook? I likely drafted that one up. As far as farm favorites go, I definitely plays faves. Favorite thing to harvest? Cherry tomatoes. Favorite farm chore? Trellising tomatoes and transplanting pretty much anything that has a strong root system. Favorite part of being the CSA Coordinator? Swapping recipe tricks and tips with members during pick ups and seeing their excitement about the food we grow. Favorite winter farm chore? Covering and uncovering remay in houses when there’s two people involved (when it’s done right it’s like a dance!) and washing carrots. Favorite summer crop(s)? Lebanese cucumbers, fennel, sun gold tomatoes, and kakao tomatoes. The ultimate farm lunch? Cracker, smear of mayo, piece of cheese, a slice of tomato and a leaf of basil.