Lupe Diane Sears has had a variety of interesting life experiences before settling down with her family here in Jericho. Her birth name is Laura Diane Megyesi, however once she chose her Spanish class name in 8th grade, "Guadalupe", Lupe' stuck. She got her start as a roller-blading waitress, went on to be a flight attendant, and landed as a veterinary technician and farmer. She has 2 daughters, Sydney and Berkeley, and fills her house with "as many animals as (she) could get away with since (her) husband is allergic to them all". As of today, the Sears clan has around 50 chickens, 3 dogs, 3 cats, 2 fish, and a hamster named MacIntosh.  

She’s who I want to be when I grow up. A role model. A farm model.
— Jessie Huntley (coworker)
I find a connection to the animal world, that seems natural, and easy. Which is probably why I love taking care of the laying hens on the farm. It always brightens my day to see 1500 chickens running towards me when I pull up on the ATV with fresh greens that didn’t make the cut for retail bags, but are gold to the ladies.
— Lupe Sears

Lupe loves to work in washpack in the summer (when her hands don't realize how cold the water is),  with the laying hens (because they make her smile with their quirky hen ways), and out in the fields. She also will giggle with delight when you bring her Braising Greens to bunch because she loves making bright, vibrant bouquets. Her favorite veggie is green beans, although there's a lot of competition with every other vegetable, except for okra.

Lupe is the WashPack Assistant. She is honored to work alongside Hannah Harwood Doyle and our washpack crew. The best days are filled with all our farm family washing, packing, laughing, hauling, and harvesting.  It is this energy that makes this farm such an amazing place to work, and hopefully the community can taste it!  

Lupe is the bright energy and nurturing soul that keeps our crew fed and listened to. She is always ready to make a dish for the crew to share during Friday Meetings and those meals have come to be known as "Lupe's Luscious Lickins". She is the author of this week's Hungarian Cucumber Salad - so check it out!

The family of crew that works here are so vibrant. If you have a bad morning, which can happen when you have tweens, they’re always there to give you that hug you needed, and get you back into the dirt, water, or green houses, which seem to make everything better. It is a powerful place to be. I am happy to have joined such a strong community.
— Lupe Sears