Bridget is Jericho Settler’s “everything” girl. She is the “second” on the laying hens and meat birds, she works harvests, does wash/pack, and is the face at the farmer’s market every other week. Her jobs on the farm are probably the most diverse: she moves electric fence lines to rotate chickens’ grazing, harvests, plants, seeds in the greenhouse, trellises and prunes, and sells directly at the farmers market!

Bridget hails from Randolph Vermont, where she had her first farm job at the dairy, Neighborly Farms. She has done quite a bit of farm touring, including working for a kiwi farm in Greece, and a water buffalo farm in Woodstock, VT. These wildly different farm jobs were a blast, but Bridget was looking for a broader view on farming, including traditional livestock and vegetable production. Now that she’s at JSF, she finds she enjoys working out in the fields and eating all of the vegetable seconds!