Kim Villemaire grew up right here in Richmond. She graduated from Clarkson University with a degree in social documentation. She is the second in command for our wholesale coordination here at JSF, and in her spare time also works for the Mount Mansfield Community TV Station. She enjoys her roles because she is contributing to her community by feeding them and bringing them local news. One of her dreams is to create a full length documentary about food.

Food is an absolute obsession to Kim. She loves to explore alternative food creations such as sourdough baking, fermentation and pickling. She tries to put something green and something moldy (in a good way!) into every meal she makes.                  

She learned a lot about alternative diets from her fellow interns at Maplewind Farm, where she worked last season. There, she loved to work with animals. Before Maplewood, Kim had only had experience with domesticated pets. When she started, she had no idea how to interact with farm animals. I mean, how do you get a chicken out of a nest box when you need to collect eggs? What about when there are 4 or 5 or 6 chickens in there?? By the end of the season, Kim felt like she had a good handle on livestock care, from sheep and cows to chickens and pigs.

Kim was drawn to JSF because she wanted to learn more about vegetable production in addition to livestock. She has been learning about CSA and wholesale management, and greenhouse and hoophouse production. One of her favorite jobs is pruning and trellising tomatoes. She’s always thinking about how tasty they are soon going to be! She also loves harvesting for the very same reason- she loves to think about what culinary delights all of the vegetables will turn into.