Kailey Schillinger-Brokaw is one of our field warriors. She was Christa and Karin’s strongest harvest player. She spent the majority of her time at the Richmond farm in the fields, in every weather hazard you can imagine from torrential downpours to snowstorms to heatwaves. One of her favorite memories was the 4th of July, when the skies opened up and washed out almost every road in Richmond. She finished harvesting, and then got stuck in the barn during the worst of the storm. Of course it was one of the very few days that Mark and Christa got away, and the power went out, and the barn started to flood! All was well though, and it made for a very exciting story.

She is the face at the farmers market! She’s been doing markets throughout the summer, and will be there each week in December until she leaves for a grand, and well deserved, vacation!

Kailey is from Hudson Valley, NY. She came to Burlington and graduated from UVM with a degree in Environmental Studies. She has worked on vegetable farms in the past, and fit right into our crew this Spring. Kailey is one of our many gluten free staff members, and makes the best pie crust on the entire staff (without any wheat flour!). The secret might be well rendered lard. Mmmm. Her favorite vegetable are tomatoes, even though they’re not a vegetable… technically.

Kailey is passionate about many things! She loves to travel and adventure, and will be leaving for a winter adventure to New Zealand and Australia. She’s also spent a semester in Montana, immersing her studies in the culture and environment. Besides travelling, she’ll be working on a farm in NZ through the WWOOF program. She also loves her little brother, who has just started college. She’s a wiz with wildlife information, and has studies tracking in Montana. She’s our go to girl for identifying wild rodent, canine, and feline tracks.